PMP's Fire Shop!

Large Fire Kit - $40

Included inside is a ferro rod, a Bic lighter, a few small chunks of fatwood, wetfire, live fire sport, 2 Tinder Grenade XL's, strike anywhere matches, UCO stormproof matches, foil, quik tinder tabs, a fresnel lens, and waxed cotton rounds all inside an impact and water resistant Plano container. The best fire kit you can get that has you covered no matter what!

3-7 day turnover time free shipping USA only! $10 minimum purchase

Small Fire Kit - $15

Included inside is waxed cotton rounds, quik tinder tabs, foil, strike anywhere matches, wetfire, and a UST spark wheel inside of a metal tin that is great for edc and even fits in your pocket! 

The Bag O' Fatwood is 5 ounces of pine wood which contains a naturally occuring resin that turns out, is very flammable!! Only $5 a bag!

See the Tinder Grenades in action in this video ------>

Bag O' Fatwood

Tinder Grenades

Tinder Grenades are the ultimate fire starter that you just strike and forget about! Burns up to 5 minutes and is easy enough for just about everyone to use no matter what. Made with a stormproof match, and more, then dipped in parrafin wax to protect it from water. Get your kit for only $15!