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Fully Prepped? - by Todd Jones from Effective Tactics. This book will tell you exactly what you need to be better prepared, help you become more organized, and it contains important information for when you need it!


Morakniv Robust - a carbon steel blade made in Sweden. This knife is perfect for any kit or any user. At its low price point and high value it is the perfect knife for every survivor. 


Dragon Fire Mini - All natural goodies packed into a mini chinese food box! Very effective and kinda cool looking too!


Coffee Wick 3 Pack - a unique fire starter made from recycled coffee grounds and soy wax. These burn up to 30 minutes each!!


100 ft of 550 Paracord- Made in the USA by Atwood Rope MFG. Paracord has so many different uses, you should put some in each kit.


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Aquamira Frontier Water Filter - small filter which filters 20 gallons and fits in your pocket. Great for EDC or small kits.


The ASEK by Ontario Knife Company

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The E.R.T. by FOX Knives MSRP $150

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