Go Prepared Survival Sure Strips 

Genuine Military Issue Tinder

Kit includes

6 sure strips

survival instructions

special cotton


lights with a spark

US military/NATO issued

waterproof/wind resistant

3-4 minute burn time

no odors, oils, dyes, or mess

non toxic 

indefinite shelf life

starts up to 30 fires when divided up

lubricates weapon parts and zippers

boils water when strips are rolled

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Morakniv Robust Carbon

made in Sweden

carbon steel blade

3/4 tang

blade thickness .125 inches

blade length 3.6 inches

overall length 8.2 inches

weight 4.9 ounces

BattlTac Kubotan

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CRKT Clever Girl

G10 handles

4.6 inch blade length

10.125 overall length

SK5 blade steel

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