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Fishing Kit Dog Tag

Grim’s dog tag fishing kit gives you a fully functional fishing kit the same size as a standard dog tag

  • Items included– Dog Tag sized fishing kit, small hooks x3, medium hooks x3 small chain, silencer



Gig Dog Tag

Grim’s dog tag fishing gig gives you a specialized fishing spear, and a double sided hook stored in a holder the same size as a standard dog tag

  • Items included– Dog Tag sized Fishing Gig, Double Sided Hook, small chain, silencer



Arrowhead Dog Tag

Grim’s dog tag arrow-head gives you a sharp, arrow tip or small spear tip the same size as a standard dog tag

  • Items included– Dog Tag sized Arrowhead, small chain, silencer



Mini Surf and Turf Card

Grim’s Surf and Turf Card, is an excellent addition to any edc, survival, or emergency kit, or a great addition to any hunters tool box. With a combination of 8 different arrowheads, 4 of which can be combined into two broadhead small game arrows, this is an awesome way to store a lot within a very small space



Small Primitive Spear Card

These can function as a small spear tip or a large arrowhead. So you get the storage size of a credit card with the function’s you’d find in a small backpack of gear minus the bulging pockets and sore back, oh yeah, and its reusable to boot.



Multi Spear Card (Large Spear)

This credit card sized spear can function as two large flat spear tips, or you can slide them into each other forming a broad head sized spear tip, allowing for multiple variations depending on what the situation calls for



Arrow Head Card

Pack a backpack, or in this case, a quivers worth of gear into your pocket, no heavy bag, no giant overfilled pockets, just Slip this tool into your wallet, backpack, or a small tin and its always right there for you



Gigging Card

Fishing is as great way to feed yourself while camping or just hanging out with some friends, but if you like a little more action while you fish, or want to have some fun while you wait for a bite, try using a gig spear tip and go find your dinner instead of waiting for it to come find you


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