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The concept for Rogan Tools was born after having broken several knives by using them for other tasks besides cutting. We set out to design a hard-use tool that could perform all the tasks required of it without failure. Several Rogan Tools were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq for testing and the positive feedback we recieved from Soldiers and Marines was overwhelming. Rogan Tools make a great companion to a pocket knife or multitool. Save your pocket knife for cutting fine things and Rogan Tools will handle the rest! These tools were designed to handle 4 key tasks… Dig, Split, Pry, and Hammer.




Paracord Color


  • SCOUT is 100% American-made 🇺🇸 
  • 3/16 inch thick carbon steel.  
  • This tool is not knife sharp due to its primary purpose of digging and prying. 
  • Your choice of paracord wrap. 
  • Comes standard with molle compatible sheath made by Ontario Knife Company.
  • 7.75 inches long


The all new SCOUT is what bridges the gap between breacher bar and bushcraft tool. The compact size, spade point, finger guard and multipurpose design, make it an essential tool for any backpacker, camper, hunter, prepper or even military personnel. The Scout is capable of performing the same tasks as any other Rogan Tool….Dig. Split. Pry. Hammer. The Scout is great for digging holes thanks to its spade point and can be used for metal detecting, gardening and digging a fire pit. The main bevel is used for splitting wood for a campfire or shelter construction and is also able to pry roots, rocks or wooden crates. The Scout can also be used to hammer in tent stakes or snares. The SCOUT is the perfect companion to a folding knife or multitool.




Paracord Color


  • 100% Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸 
  • 1/4in thick, 1in wide and 7.25in long. 
  • Secondary bevel is ~3in long 
  • Fits into molle webbing. 
  • Made of carbon steel. 
  • Available in different color handle wraps. 
  • Is not knife sharp and will not pierce your backpack


The Foreman is the workhorse of the group and is part of our “Pack Tool” series. The width of the Foreman is 1 inch. This allows you to slide your chisel in molle webbing without the use of a sheath. This tool can go from plate carrier, to backpack, to a buddy’s pack, to being removed totally, without the need to remove a bulky sheath and clip. Add this useful tool to your bug out bag or keep it in your vehicle to always be prepared. The Foreman is a great companion to a pocket knife or multitool. Save your pocket knife for cutting fine things and the Foreman will handle the rest! The Foreman was designed to handle 4 key tasks… Dig, Split, Pry, and Hammer.



Paracord Color


  • 100% made in the USA 🇺🇸
  • 1/4 in thick
  • 9.5 in long
  • Your choice of paracord wrap
  • Comes with sheath made by OKC
  • Not a knife and is not knife sharp


The unique form of our ROGUE model makes it an essential tool to any hiker, camper, prepper, military personnel or law enforcement officer. The ROGUE is our premium model and is laser cut out of 1/4in thick carbon steel. It incorporates 2 different bevels in one tool. The slanted edge has a penetrating point and is used to split wood vertically, gouge or pry. The secondary bevel is also great for batoning wood or being used as a small hatchet. You can also use the end of the tool as a hammer to bang in tent stakes. Like all Rogan tools, the ROGUE was designed for 4 key tasks…able to dig holes, be used as a hammer, pry, split wood and any other way you see fit. The ROGUE design was inspired by the Hori-Hori gardening knife from Japan. We set out to make an all-American version of the tool that is not only 100% American made, but also incorporates features that the American soldier or outdoorsman would really appreciate.

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