Self Defense

USA only


Schrade Baton

Overall Length:16.00″
Handle Length:6.50″
Model:16″ Baton
Product Type:Baton
Weight:0.94 oz.



Cold Steel Mini Koga

The Cold Steel Koga SD series are made of a high-impact polymer, and are designed to function as an aid in leverage when restraining an individual, and obtaining joint locks or submission holds




Light weight & compact

Double lock

Vinyl carrying case



Dog Tag Self Defense Tool

Grim’s dog tag self defense tool gives you a steel self defense knuckle at the palm of your hand. This dog tag sized tool can be fit onto a necklace to be easily accessible and ready for use at any time

  • Items included – Dog Tag sized self defense tool, small chain, silencer



Lockpick Kit Dog Tag

Grim’s dog tag lock picking tool kit gives you a fully functional lockpick set that’s the same size as a standard dog tag, talk about a space saver!

  • Items included – Dog Tag sized Lockpick set, small chain, silencer



Emergency Escape Dog Tag

This tool is designed to escape most restraints that would be used on an individual. Handcuff Key, Shim, Saw, and file. handcuffs, rope, zip ties and more, this tool can take it out and get you out of almost any emergency restraint

Items included– Dog Tag sized tool set, Handcuff Key, Shim, Saw, and file


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